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Drevoindustria Súľov, s.r.o., Hollého 1174, 01401 Bytča company with long time tradition of sport production – sledges and complements of wood.

For more than 50 years the present production capacities have developing as part of the Drevoindutria company, originally a national and state enterprise, then a stock company having its seat in Žilina.

The Drevoindustria Súľov, s.r.o. company has been separated in 1997 to become an independent legal entity.

The Drevoindustria Súľov, s.r.o. company is involved in the following production branches:

sawmill production, sport production on the basis of mass timber.

Concerning the capacities within these ranges, they make up for the annual turnover of approx. EUR 1000 000 exporting 85 % of the production mostly to the Western European market and with employment of approx. 35 workers out of the average listed number, depending on the seasonal character of particular production ranges.